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    Detect 'FRIENDLY' and 'ALIEN' moving object

    Greetings Everyone. I am looking to develop a small educational project as an end of term project for my Graduate programme. The concept is to identify a moving object and then categorise it as either 'FRIENDLY' or 'ALIEN'. The term 'FRIENDLY' means they will be known to the system and the...
  2. S

    RFID 125kHz Reader HTRC110 and PIC32

    Hi everyone, Im trying to get an htrc110 to read an ID to my pic 32. Ive already got all the pcb development done and now all I have to do is write the code. Ive read the datasheet at least 4 times now and it doesn't supply any sort of examples to help out and the software library doesn't...
  3. H

    Large area 13.56MHz RFID Reader

    Hello everyone I'm newbie to RFIDs and I would like make large area reader. I found antenna from the Taobao site. Which is 45x30cm coil antenna. But the problem Is I can't seem to find reader that can use that large antenna. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Here is the antenna link...
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    125kHz RFID Reader and Huge Field Antenna

    Hello everyone Link I'm working this circuit for a weeks. But i can't seem to understand full details and it's working since i'm almost newbie to Radio Communications. So i have few questions on this circuit. 1.Can anyone explain me deeply about this circuit? 2.Is it possible to change antenna...
  5. V

    Can't get MFRC522 (RFID) to work with PIC18F452 and SPI bus

    I don't know where to ask but I was wondering if someone here has worked with it and could give some idea. Hope so. A module ( MFRC522 ): Schematic: An MCU ( PIC18F452 ) is powered with 5V, module is powered from 5V(DC) -> 3.3V(DC) converter and all logic pins ( SS(SDA), SCK, MOSI, MISO...
  6. L

    How can I connect my circuit to power?

    I am trying to build an escape room puzzle, where someone holds a key fob up to a sensor and a maglock opens, and I went online to buy something that I assumed was ready-in-box but instead they sent me the photo attached which I'm 99% sure was originally a car immobilizer and is now being used...
  7. M

    How to read RFID tag by ATmega32 using Codevision ?

    Hey there, I wanna know how to write a code by Codevision for reading RF01D data... I know I should use USART...that's all I know... It's an ATmega 32 and RF01D in first step what changes should I apply on Codewizard? thanks

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