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design circuit

  1. G

    Design an 8-bit adder block that can add any two 8-bit registers from a bank of 10 registers and store the result again in any one of them.

    Hello, I am engineering student in Turkey. Our teacher gave us a homework. I took care of all but this question. But I couldn't do this question. It is very complicated, I just could not put it in my mind. Can you help me? Thank you
  2. B

    Alarm outage with reset switch.

    Hi everyone, can you help me I want to make a alarm circuit when the power failure or outage. Relay detect a 220vac in normal close, so when 220vac it’s fail , relay can detect and buzzer is alarm until press a reset switch.
  3. S

    Digital Pregnancy/Drug/Diagnostic test

    Hi All I work for a medical diagnostic company which develops drug/malaria/HIV/etc diagnostic tests. I have been tasked with the role of learning and developing a digital display to mitigate human error when reading the results. I was guided to look at the ClearBlue pregnancy test (with LCD...
  4. RachelAnne2020

    TPS54116QRTWTQ1 Design| VTT_DIMM and VTERTF Voltage Problem

    Hi, guys, I'm new here. Recently I made a design of TPS54116QRTWTQ1 based on the datasheet. According to my design parameters, the actual voltage CPUVCC15 is 1.5V, VTT_DIMM is 0.46V and VTTERF is 0.86V. But the voltages of VTT_DIMM and VTERTF are not correct. When I remove the load behind...
  5. L

    Trademark looking for an engineer

    Hi, Our Trademark is currently designing a pair of "Powered heated Winter horse riding boot". We are looking for someone with experience to customize the right heating element/battery/selector etc. If you think you can help us don't hesitate to contact us via email at ...
  6. sr13579

    Can't get a print of voltages between nodes from this SPICE (NGSPICE) simulator.

    The code is here, Diode Voltage Drop r1 1 2 10k r2 2 3 5k r3 3 4 4k r4 4 0 3k vin 1 0 dc 10 .print dc v(3,2) .end As you can see I am trying to get a voltage drop between node 3 aand 2. But the print function is not working properly. It is just showing the usual outputs of( the ouput is...
  7. I

    Frequency Response Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor

    I have a project, first i need to find a circuit to Analyse/study the Frequency Response of Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor. Then simulate that circuit on SPICE (i'am using Orcad Cadence). Can someone help me finding a circuit as mentioned above???, I'm having difficulties finding one. Any...
  8. E

    Designing a sequential circuit

    Any help on this problem would be very appreciated: So I am supposed to solve a push button problem and draw the circuit, using any gates and multiplexers. So the problem reads: Design a sequential circuit which will output Z = 1 for exactly four clock cycles each time a person pushes a...
  9. Donny_97

    Pan/Tilt Head need help designing circuit

    Hello everybody, I am planning on making a motorized Pan/Tilt head to go on a camera jibcrane. My electronics knowledge isn't too well, so I'd wanted to ask all the amazing people here. My plan was to use two 12volt DC motors, powered by a battery pack, to drive the axis, controlled by a...

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