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  1. SatireOfComedy

    Symphonic TV/VCR problems (potentially loose yoke)...

    How would I fix this. It also when there is not a tape inside shuts the set down.
  2. J

    Help disconnecting PSU from CRT

    Anyone know how to disconnect the connector circled in yellow from the PSU without damaging it? I've already discharged the CRT and any large caps on the board before anyone asks lol. It's an Apple Monitor Model M0401 made by Sony. I've got some buldging caps so I'm going to re-cap, it would...
  3. S

    ViewSonic VA912b Monitor. Goes black after turning the monitor on from the off position.

    Hi, I have been having this issue for while and can figure it out. Do you think it might be a cap that might be going bad or something else? Just so I am more clear with my headline. I shut my monitor off at night then in the morning I turn it on, but what happens is that when I turn it on it...
  4. Tom Vaughan-Mountford

    How to identify a failing Cathode Ray Tube?

    Hi everyone - first time newbie here! I've had an interest in electronics since I was a kid, but broke more stuff than I fixed. Now trying to make my interest of practical use... I've acquired a broadcast video monitor, probably 30-35 years old, and I'd like to have a bash at tracing the fault...

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