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  1. A

    how to design the window lifter motor continuously running forward and reverse with control of magnetic reed switch

    Hi I am Arun, I'm doing this project to finding the window lifter motor capacity. here the motor doesn't run reversely without changing the polarity. I'm doing this circuit with the help of 12v relay, reed switch, magnet, transistor, resistor, capacitor. the reed switch placed in two fixed...
  2. C

    audioguru`s FM transmitter

    I have made aduioguru`s FM transmitter mod3. It`s working but my transmitter has much noise. so I made mod4. but it dosen`t work absolutely. I changed audioguru`s circuit 1) LM2931A => LM7805 2) 35p trimmer -> 30p trimmer. 3) 3mm former 8 turns -> 3.5mm former 8 turns I think what my problem...

    Does 2 mic malfunctioning ?

    Hello there, I am going to develop a circuit for audio power amplifier using, http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm48511.pdf Looking at the application circuit , I am using SD_AMP(pin5) input for Mic input at pin 16 IN+. Did -IN pin grounded. Trying to suppress noise at the circuit in attachment...
  4. rimEP

    FM transmitter Audioguru

    Hello, I've been trying to simulate Audioguru's FM transmitter with Proteus then with LT spice but I have encountered numerous problems. First of all, this is my first try with LT spice. Secondly I can't find the LM2931a regulator. Also I don't know how to run the simulation because I always get...

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