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Zuma. Once again...for the 8th time..cant be ousted

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update: https://www.timeslive.co.za/ideas/2017-08-09-the-story-of-ali-ubaba-and-the-198-thieves/

South Africa. Thieves in Parliament in the ANC have kept him in power.
Don't want to loose their nice cars, houses and salaries and juicy inflated tenders.

So...shows you that once (these people/beings/thieves/colluders) had a taste of REAL money......there is NO going back.

Especially after seeing what happened today.

South Africa is going to be in an even worse tailspin from now onwards. Even worse than you can imagine.

Solution here? There is NONE.

Another failed African state here we come.

Africa.. same old story.

State looting is gonna hit new highs. Ive said my say and well, frankly, that's all I got.

Good night.
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