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Z-Tactical Throat Mic For 2 Way Radio, connect to PC

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Hi Guys, I am hoping for some help,

I have a throat Mic Z-Tactical Throat Mic For 2 Way Radio comes with a large 6.3mm (roughly) jack
I also bought a mtr cable with 3.5mm jacks on each side. (these 3.5 jacks fits my PC)

Idea was to use the throat mic with my PC (voice attack)

I cut away the large jack on the throat mic, and I also cut away one jack from the mtr long jack lead.

My thinking was to join the mtr long lead to the cable on the throat mic.

The throat mic comes with a ear plug, I don't need this as I have large speakers. All I want from the throat mic is to speak, and voice attack will hear me, without any interference from the speakers.

The problem :nailbiting:

on the 1mtr long 3.5 jack lead there are 3 wires, one is like ground or earth (bare strands of wire) and then there is a red wire and a white wire

on the throat mic lead there are 4 wires one is like copper strands again “I think” ground or earth the others are a crimson red, blue, and a green.

Which ones do I match up to get a working throat mic via my pc, again I don't need any sound to my throat mic,

any idea's ?

I have these idea's but not the know how it's very frustrating :mad:
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That mic has a push-to-talk function so at least one wire is probably devoted to that. The mic may require power to operate.

On the computer side, the shield is common and the other 2 wires are for left and right mic inputs.

Try connecting the 2 shields together, then connecting the other mic wires one at a time to either input of computer cable and testing for sound. If you find one that works, it may be best to tie it to both computer wires - the mic output to both left and right inputs.


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Do you know what type of mic? Carbon, dynamic or electret because they are all completely different and the electret must be powered. It might need 2 or 3 wires.
Is the ear plug on the mic an earphone that you can hear? If it is then it needs 1 or 2 wires.
Can you obtain the datasheet and owner's instructions for the mic? It will show what its 4 wires are for.

Have you heard a throat mic? It is missing all the important consonants of speech that are produced at your lips (s, sh, t, th, f, b, d, g, h, k, p etc.), not at your throat. Only vowels are produced at your throat.
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