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Yamaha CR-620

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Please excuse my ignorance I'm new at spark chasing, but I do have a bit of electrical theory knowledge and a bit of automotive electrical experience. I have a Yamaha CR-620 Receiver. When applying power (110V) nothing happens, no lights on the gauges, nothing. As this is was my fathers in college I would like to resurrect it. I have the block and board schematic (attached) and I have also attached a picture of the board. I am confused as to one symbol on the schematic. The bottom middle of the schematic after the switched external plugs (left) there is a circle with polystyrene capacitors in it. What is this?


Block Schematic


Zoomed Schematic
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It isn't polystyrene capacitors. It's a connection block that selects the transformer input windings for the various optional mains voltages. The choices are probably listed in the text block above the fuses.
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