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XOR single bit???

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Is it possible to XOR a single bit. In theory, this is what I want to do:

movlw b'00100000' ; moves bit configuration to register W
xorwf PORTB, f ; xor this value to toggle state of bit 5
call Delay

But I do not want to change the values of any other bits besides bit 5. The code above will change the other bits if the bits in PORTB are a 1 (in which some cases they will be).

I want to just single out bit 5 and XOR that to toggle the state. What is the function to do this?


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I don't see DMon's problem.
If I XOR any number with b 0010 0000 then I get that number back with bit 5 inverted. All other bits are the same as before. We are not using the same computer??


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Yes, ron is right. Once I think about it, XOR with that will not change the status of the other bits. Thank you for helping me resolve my issue.
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