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X-Cell battery

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Hi, is there anything i need to know about this battery before I start charging it? On what current? (60mA 140mA 180mA 500mA) And what is a X-Cell?



The beauty of lead-acid and SLA batteries, is that they are not too fussy about how you charge them.

The best option is to consult the manafacturer - they will recommend a charging method.

Alternatively, a lot of people recommend charging at a C/5 rate (C = capacity in Ah). So for a 5 Ah battery, charge at 1A. Another common charging rate is C/20, or C/100 (250mA and 50mA, respectively).

Some manafacturers may specify a constant voltage charge. However, I would only use this if the battery is not severely depleted. A REALLY flat battery may be damaged by too much current.


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thats right. "smart" chargers start with a small current then big and then small again or something like this. if you havent used it for a long time, aybe you shpuld try a small current, 250-500mA, because i think that charging it at 1A will probaly destroy it if it has been uncharged or unused for quite some time.
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