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Wire rating and voltage stepping

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Hi everyone,
as you can guess this is my first post and i am looking for some answers to some questions. These questions relate to a project of mine that requires extremely high voltages (but almost no current ;) )

1. All the wirees that i can find have an "amp" rating. now because of the nature of my project al what point does it become a Watt rating or is there a limit to the voltage you can run through a wire as long as the amp load isn't exceeded?

2. My local electronics shop i am sure is run by sales me with only a breif run down on electronic goods. I require a relay that can handle a high rate of switching (like around 50Khz) with a load of ~14v and 10 - 15amp.

3. I am require a DC to DC voltage step up of about 1:7000. anyone got any ideas??? Closest i have is a massive Tesla coil type apperatus that uses pulsed DC volage (hence the high wattage relay)

your help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
-The CrazyEwok


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Voltage does not produce a heat limit for wire. But if the wire is too thin and long, the voltage might drop too much over the run so the equipment does not operate properly. THe problem isn't a heat limit.

THen there's also arcing so the insulation has to be good enough.

Russ Hensel

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Current for a wire is rated base on its composition and thickness.
Voltage on the thickness and composition of its insulation.

50 khz is far to fast for a high current relay, look to solid state.

High voltage is popular on the internet, google should lead you to many sources.
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