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Windows 10 losing files on Save

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Since a recent Win10 update, the Basic Editor occasionally gives an ‘Error 53 File not found’ message when Save is used.
The big problem is that the file disappears! I’ve taken to doing a quick local backup after every Save so as to avoid losing my source code permanently. Something similar also happens occasionally when compiling.
I’ve found that the problem doesn’t occur if I use ‘Save As’, and select the existing file name.
Are there any Win10 experts out there who might know what’s going on? Is it significant that, so far, this only occurs with the
Oshonsoft Basic Compiler?
FWIW, moving from Win7 to Win10 is the biggest computing mistake I’ve ever made!
Thank you.


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Two years ago I replaced Windows with Linux. Never regrets that choice, more control, better privacy and security, no more enforcing updates when need to close the computer in a hurry, . . . and the list goes on :joyful:
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Thanks for the suggestions. I used ‘Run as administrator’ the first time I used the latest version of Oshonsoft. I’ll look into what it takes to give it administrator privileges.
The Linux thing is tempting, I’m so fed up with Microsoft breaking my laptop every time there is an update. My DVD drive no longer works, Outlook will only work in Safe mode, the list goes on.
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All down to user privileges.. I gave Oshonsoft admin privileges... Right click, run as.... Otherwise use a folder in "shared" documents for all your files.
I checked Properties on the shortcut to Oshonsoft. I set 'Run as administrator' and so far the problem seems to have gone away.

If some of your peripherals are not working then try downloading and running Snappy Driver Installer - it's an open source driver updater. Fixed a few items on an old laptop I have.
I'll give that a try.

Thank you both for your help.

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