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Wind powered mobile charger

Leo Francis K

New Member
I am planning a wind powered mobile phone charger for my bike. Details has been mentioned below.
Input voltage - upto 10VDC
Input current - upto 350mA

I wanted to store this into a battery, which can give 5V and 350mA output to a mobile phone.

I need following details
1. What type of battery will be suitable for this long run application?
2. For charging that battery, how much should be the input voltage?
3. How to covert this varrying voltage to a constant battery charging input?
4. What are the safety feature to be considered?
5. Can I connect my mobile phone while the batterypack is charging?
6. If possible kindly provide the suitable circuit diagram.

Thanks & regards
Leo Francis K


New Member
On a bike why use wind? there would be more efficient means of gathering energy on a bike. A dynamo would be the obvious one to use, if you trying to be inovative then you could design something to mound on the gears or the chain itself.
I am assuming of course this is a pedal bike.

Also what sort of mobile phone do you have? 10VDC is a lot of voltage, 5VDC should be more than enough for a mobile phone charger.

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