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Who makes custom PCBs?

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I am sure there must be a company out there that makes custom PCBs, and I am wondering if anyone here has any recommendations. Maybe not even a company, maybe just a person who can make custom PCBs.

I do not require components, just the board with traces.


-Chris P


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Do you want the boards just maufactured, or also laid out for you?


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Here's a few:
Advanced Circuits
pcb123/sunstone circuits


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While were on it, whats the current most practical way of making them at home? I can google it, but each result is a pitch, so it's hard to be sure.


I use the toner tranfer method with magazine paper for most of my boards.

For boards with finer detail, I use the photo method.

If you want more information, just ask and I'll post you some links.


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Here's is one who makes good quality PCBs at low prices with minimum tooling costs:


Payment is not easy. It's expected to be done using money transfer to a bank in Sofia/Bulgaria.


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I use Advanced Circuits (4pcb.com) all the time (no affiliation to them). They run a $33/board special (minimum 4 boards).
You will have to provide them with the Gerbers or you can use the free software from Advanced Circuits to design the PCB.

FYI, if you are interested, I run a business of designing PCBs for various clients and use Advanced Circuits to fabricate the boards.


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BatchPCB is good for prototypes- high per-unit cost but low initial cost. That means if you start making a few of the same board, it's cheaper to look elsewhere. But if you need one of many different boards then it's good.
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