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"whiskey-tango-foxtrot" moment while reading power point presentation on LORAN


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https://web.stanford.edu/group/scpnt/jse_website/documents/Enhanced_Loran_rv2-short.pdf on slide 35, they say the antenna top has 0 volts on it, but the feedpoint has high voltage. that's backwards, the open end of an antenna is a current zero, and a voltage maximum... when visualizing standing waves on an antenna, you begin at the open end assuming a voltage maximum and current zero. at resonance, an antenna behaves as a series resonant circuit, so the current is maximum at the feedpoint, and voltage is low, because, at the other end of a 1/4 wave piece of wire (or tower) the current is zero, and the voltage is maximum. it's the same with a 1/4 wave open feedline section (open 1/4 wave stub).


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I think the guy has his voltages and currents mixed up.

One of those things that you write, but when you look back later you think "Did I really write that!"



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yeah, happens occasionally, thinking one thing but typing something completely different...

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