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where can i find a cheap to implement qualcomm QC2.0 or 3.0 iC to control 12VDC

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what im looking for is basically a QC2.0/3.0 quick charge controller which i can use with a 12vdc power source rather than paired with a 110/220v smps, or, a way to use one such quick charger chip to control a 12v power supply instead. What i want to do is try to construct an economical battery powered prototype quick charger, however, it seems all the controllers chips available to the public are meant to be paired with a smps controlled by a specific controller.

If it can be done with an STM8, i can make some sort of data interpreter but, from the looks of it, the chips want to do more than just tell the power supply what voltage to output.

If fairly low price (under $10) QC3.0circuits already exist that run on anything from 3-15vdc, that would be great too, otherwise, what is a chip i can use and how would i utilize it? it would be easy enough to tell a boost converter to set its output to one of 3 options, 5v, 9v, or 12v using a STM8 but, from what ive seen most controllers arent expecting input the same as the intended output.

In other words im looking for a controller which can be used with a DC-DC converter, as opposed to the typical ones which operate with an AC-DC converter
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There are high rate chargers designed to plug into a car cigarette lighter. I believe Banggood has some in the under $10 range. I doubt you can build anything cheaper.
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