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Where can i buy a mini trackball?

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Some older laptops had trackballs similar to the one pictured. If you have access to any used computer stores/vendors, or possibly a university in your area, they may have some older machines they have yet to dispose of. Just some thoughts.


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Hi Pavius, that was my page with the mini trackballs. Sorry Oatley won't send to you. I've got some here and i have no problems sending airmail, how many do you want? How do you go receiving airmails in Israel? Some middle east countries will hold up parcels in customs for ages or "lose" them, that's why some companies wont send electronics parcels there.


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Mr RB, thanks a lot! It was your project that sparked an idea for trackball usage.

I've been sent TONS of stuff (various weights and sizes) from practically everywhere. A certain percentage does go lost, but nothing out of the ordinary. Many ebayers won't send to Italy due to their poor postal network but most, if not all, international sellers ship to Israel.

Since they are so small and cheap i wanted to order 3. If it is packaged in a well described padded envelope and is declared < 50$, it does not get stuck in customs unless they suspect something (and when they verify it's ok, they forward it as per normal).

Anyways, I will be happy to pay for the devices, the postage and your trouble for the devices (trackballs are so cool!). I just got a shipment from dipmicro that used USPS second class (<150g) - 5$ shipping, uninsured. Padded envelope with a description saying "ICs, LCDs" and the total cost. If you feel like sending me the items i will paypal you the amount (before you send) and will send you the exact address via PM.

Thanks again!
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