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What's with the constant pop-ups whenever I change pages


I've given up visiting this forum due to the ridiculous pop-up windows thrown in my face every time I open a page.

Happens on mobile and on desktop, like some crazy internet marketing scam site. Surely it must annoy others as well.

Just on principle, I wouldn't take any notice of the pop-up advert - and having to close them all the time simply drives me away.

Blimey, who runs this site and thinks they're a good idea.?


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Do you sign in? You get them if your not signed in, you look just like a visitor to the site, not a member, if you don't actually sign in.


Ahhh ... so they don't want this place to grow ... it's just visitors that are spammed to hell and back. Nice inviting environment.

As the old guys die off or give up ... ever decreasing spiral. :)


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The fun part is trying to log-in (typing your username and password) without getting multiple pop-ups. This is ridiculous.
The log-in page should be allowed ONE pop-up max,

Miss manners or Dear Abby would probbaly say no pop-ups during the log-in page!


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Use uBlock Origin

Very effective. No popups


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It does seem kinda stupid to spam guests (newbies). Why would they consider joining?


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