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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

What's the best way to defeat surveilance ?

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Aiight, I'm new here, and I'd like to ask a serious question, one of my neighbors is severely paranoid, so he's set up a security camera and it has a mic on it, now this really pisses me off because it can pick up conversations outside of his property, and I've said so, but to no avail, so I was wondering if there was any way to build something like a feedback generator, or anything that'll make the mic **** itself and never record sound again, and also without being heard by the human ear, so I could use it when I was outside without anyone knowing.

Schematics are preffered, thanks in advance.


I'd also like to know if anyone has a schematic for an audible feedback generator, just to screw with people.

It's also gotta have a buffer or some other sort of safeguard to keep from blowing itself up.

Both of these circuits would have to be hand held, fitting in a space no bigger than W2"xL3"xD1/2"
I would simply use a radio (loudly) whenever I was outside. You could always point a parabolic dish at his house to even things out. I don't like my privacy invaded. A neihbor ponted a camera in the direction of my house. A laser got pointed right back into the lens, problem solved.

I'm an EE, my attitude is- if you are going to try to spy on me, be prepared to have your private life online and your intimate conversations on the local radio station. I can do it, easily. :twisted:
What about oscillating a SCR at 22khz through a piezo tweeter?
Point it at the mike and swamp it.
People can't hear it, but it might bother the dog.
You have a right to your privacy and raising the level of noise, audible or inaudible is probably the best approach as long as you do not make yourself a target for complaints from others. I wonder if a simple parabolic reflector would be effective in directing the noise - with the speed of sound at about 1100 ft/sec the wavelength of an 1100 hz tone would be 1 ft - suggesting that a small reflector would be effective. I know they use them to provide some gain for microphones so the process should work the other way. If speech privacy is the issue then you can limit the frequencies that you have to generate. Swamping the microphone at ultrasonic frequencies might not work if the mic isn't responsive to that. The problem with all this is that you might violate a specific law that limits the level of sound leaving your property line - or you could be cited for creating a nuisance.

Be careful not to start a pissing contest where it escalates out of control. If the person really is that parnoid he/she will either get help (what you wish for) or self destruct eventually. Unfortunately we all have to endure situations like this.
In the deep South, some might resort to a 30-06 with a scope. In the civilized world, this might fall under the same statute as invasion of privacy. In fact, I don't see the difference between pointing a camera at my house and a peeping tom. Perhaps your local sheriff would appreciate a photo taken from inside your house which showed your neighbor's camera pointed at you - signed on the back by three witnesses. :wink:
I don't think there is much in the way of privacy laws, my understanding is that as long as the camera/person/microphone is not on your property, you have little recourse. There are no laws preventing someone from pointing a camera into your window.

Not that I have anything against a 30-06, but I think a .223 would suffice against a camera.
Actually half true Lav, there is no law saying a person can't point a camera at your property, but if the camera is capable of viewing inside your home, it is illegal, and since this particular camera is mounted with a thermal lense, it can also pick up my heat signature from inside my house even with the blinds shut, I mean I don't think it can pick me up right now, but if I was close to the blinds yes.

Also it is illegal to record conversation outside of your property, and even on your property without a sign, you must have a sign notifying the person reading that they are being recorded and it does record audio.

Also I don't know about the 30-06, It's bulletproof, it's mounted inside a lexon case, so I'd need anti-material rounds.

So the only thing I can think of is either destroying it by electrical means, or getting the cops to yank it off the side of his house.

Which would be possible beings as how I know all of the cops in my county, and my father is a legendary police officer, no really, at police training they actually go through and give a detailed report on one of his arrests, as well as the incident which paralysed him, but I'm not going into details.

And I'm big on getting even, so I mean if he has recordings of me talking dirty to my fiance on my porch and is using them for reasons other than security, I'd definately have to get even.

Because that's a several hundred dollar camera, and wouldn't it just be terrible if it stopped working without rhyme or reason.
Also I don't know about the 30-06, It's bulletproof, it's mounted inside a lexon case, so I'd need anti-material rounds.

Hmmm... Is the wiring accessible? You know, sidecutters are an electrician's best friend. Perhaps an inconspicuous section of wiring could discreetly go missing :twisted: Even if the case is bulletproof, the screws that mount it are probably not screwdriver-proof (that is, if you need to unmount it to get to the wiring) 8)

As an interesting sidenote, at some places in Australia (and in Denmark, I believe) the authorities have had to mount security cameras to watch over speed cameras (on the roads), because people have been painting the lenses of the speed cameras with black spraypaint. :lol:
Phazor, trust me I'd have taken the thing down myself except for 2 things.

1. It's about 25 feet off the ground, which a ladder could easily solve except for problem 2

2. My other neighbor has one pointed to where it catches right where I'd have to park the ladder.

That's why I'm interested in a more covert approach.
Or if anyone's got a schematic on hand for a portable white/pink noise generator. That'd work, the only ones I can find are for attatching to synth's or gags attatched to phone lines, I mean sure I'd have to turn it on every time I have a conversation, but if nobody's got anything to pop a mic, that's cool.

I could always use a magnesium flash bomb to burn the lense, but I don't know how perminant it would be.
A flash bomb would probably only get you arrested. Use one of those $10 laser pointers and point it right into the lens. You'll probably want to use a 3V power supply or a couple of D batteries so it lasts a while. The laser should overwhelm the CCD and cause nothing but a red blur on his monitor.

Another possibility is really high voltage. If you could zap the wiring to the camera you'd probably fry it. If the wiring runs down the house to a low enough point, you could even put a pole on an RC car with some HV wire and drive it over there unseen.
No, unfortunately they go straight into the house.

Trust me if it's something I could have gotten done with some vandalism, I'd have done it.

Unfortunately I need to figure out how to do it without leaving evidence, which is why I wanted something silent to take out the mic, then maybe later do a roof walk and smash it with a baseball bat.
Rather than get yourself arrested, build some malevolent looking device and point it at his house. If he asks about it, just tell him its for surveillance. He won't like it, tell him flat out to point his camera away from your direction and you'll remove your setup.
How about a large set of wind chimes?
I doubt his mike is all that pinpoint.
And he probably is using a fair amount of amplification.
The bang of metal tubes would drive him nuts.
Me thinks he doth protest too much. Flanked
by _two_ "paranoid" neighbors? After reading
some of the OP's posts, I really couldn't blame
the neighbors for taking steps towards securing
themselves from this Nostrafus nutcase.

You are entitled to your opinion.
Mine is that it was a fun topic to discuss.
Time will tell if you have more to offer than your opinion.
First off, I'm hardly a nutcase, I've just got a lot of time on my hands, second, does that mean you'd have no problem with me moving across the street from you and mounting a camera with a microphone that can look through your windows so I can sell videos of you having sex with your wife, or record private conversations of you with your friends, even if it is inside your home, or on your front lawn, or perhps if I used a video of you with a female friend over as blackmail, you'd have no problem with that either ?
Besides, I've found a way I'm gonna do this one, I'm hooking up a laser to my porch and pointing it at the lense of his camera, when he moves it, I'll turn off my laser, until then, it'll just be blind.
The high intensity beam is a good idea, except if the video-system have a " peak white level inverter " circuit. In this case the picture remain visible, and the light source is a dark point....
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