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What would be the best way to use OBD II data?

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I have a dashdino primarily for reading/clearing codes and estimating MPG. I save this information and compare it to other vehicles I have. Then I was thinking of how I could use some of this data to run various things with a PIC. Is there a list somewhere of the CAN addresses for all sensors in OBD II vehicles or is there a kit of some kind? As an example...It would be nice if I could have a pic turn on an extra fan when the oil temperature was too high...or maybe use the fuel flow information to turn on a series of led's indicating MPG with calculations on the PIC. There are a million possibilities but pulling the information from the OBD II system is out of my knowledge reach. How could I get started learning what I need to? Does anyone know of something like this being done before?? THANKS


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This circuit, could also be for terrorist purposes. Like making a car bomb trigger........LMAO Why would they use oil temp? Well, things like delay and concealment. (Shape and color......LOL)

Good ideas though. I've thought of them myself. I was wondering about rigging something up with my semi active suspension and having controls on the dash which would set the wheel heights, since I saw an article talking about how they could be set from the computer.

But I'm starting to recall things that I ran into about 9-10 years ago. People seeming to talk about electronics, but......

The problem was and probably still is, the F.B.I finds such things coming from taxi and limo drivers, pure entertainment..........LOL

Not that this guy is actually trying to build a bomb or something. It's just part of my stream of thoughts at the moment for some reason........LOL


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Have a look at the ELM327 chip and associated docs. You should be able to find the addresses for different car parts from other people's ELM projects..
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