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what translator should i use?

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i need suggestions for a translator i can use for a stepper motor which will be used to drive a line-following mobile robot... it can be for unipolar or bipolar stepper motors, but i need translators available here in the philippines. thanx. :D

John Sorensen

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What size is the motor? I've made stepper motor drivers using any transistor I had laying around: 2N4400/4402, 2N3904/3906. I've never done it, but I suppose TIP122/127 might be good for a bigger motor. Of course, these are all BJTs, FETs are another possibility.

A more interesting question is how to bypass the transistors. A diode is a minimum, and it needs to be fast. Another possibility is a snubber...



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Translator = driver.

Depending on the size of your motor you should be able to obtain several in the local market. The smallest one that I know that is available is ULN2803A. This may be used to drive a unipolar stepper motor. These may be directly connected to the TTL level output of the microcontroller.
These do not have current limiting and so your software needs to shut the current off if you are driving the motor above its rated voltage to get good speed. This is an 8-output package to drive two motors. You may connect the outputs in parallel to get more current.

Sanken products are widely available too. Here is a link to pick out what you need and visit one of the local electronic stores like Deeco or Alexan.

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