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What to design & build the ultimate sound system need he


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Is it possible that I can build and speaker system in which each sub-whorfer has it's own amplifier ? For example if I want to build a six sub-whorfer speaker ; using lets say 2-300 watt sub-whorfers , 2-200 watt sub-whorfers and 2-150 watt sub-whorfers on each speaker ; is it possible that as long as the wattage of the amplifier and the wattage of the sub-whorfer match can each sub-whorfer have each their own amplifier ? If this can be done, and I hope it is because the urge to irritate a few neighbors , what is the best sub-whorfer to use ? The goal is to make the sound system @ the 35,000 seat Virginia Beach Amplitheather look sad . :D

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