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What is the best multimeter to buy for electronics?


Hi guys, I need a multimeter for all my electronics projects, I have had two multimeters in the past, one local brand that is absolutely a waste, later based on reviews I bought a Mextech DT603, which is awful, I am unable to measure temperature, capacitance, current. I would like some suggestions on buying a good long lasting, accurate, good quality multimeter under 50$'s.

I want to be able to measure voltage, resistance, capacitance, (inductance, temperature optional), current all the way down to microAmps. Let me know you best recommendations.

Thank you!

Ian Rogers

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I bought a cheap meter... mialy for the LARGE display.. ( Age an all that ) has served me well. The only thing with cheap meters is the banana plug contacts... I just replaced them recently with decent ones..

Mine is a TENMA.. These come in a range of prices.. Mine was @ £25.00 manual ranging They do a good auto ranging for £38 ish


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For the money, I think the Klein MM400 is the best. $49 and available on the shelf in most Home Depots in the US. Klein has been making tools for electricians and hvac for 100 years.

lots of features, auto range, micro amps (to 0.1uA resolution). Min/max and frequency count.

schmitt trigger

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Simple advice:
Make sure that its continuity mode has a fast response.

I cannot overemphasize how frustrating is to have a DMM with a sluggish continuity mode when you are attempting to troubleshoot an intermittency.


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Harbor freights Centech's P98764 is pretty cheap with a ton of features. The continuity mode is pretty much instant so its very useful for tracing circuits. I picked one up just for toying with a few years ago and it ended up one of my favorite handheld dmm's.

Mastech MS8229 looks like its the same thing & a bit cheaper but I'm not sure if its lacking any functions.
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