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What do you use to draw up circuits?

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It's easy to find programs for drawing circuits, but some input from more expierienced people is always nice.

The main thing I need it to do is draw circuits just to plan them or explain what I'm thinking of to others, but of course features like simulation and PCB layout are good, and theres a good chance there are useful features I'm not even aware of. Is there anything free (or cheap) that does a decent job? Tell me your thoughts on them and which ones you like. Thanks.


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Thanks, I'll check that out. PCB layout is a higher priority to me than simulation so this should be good. As for simulation, if I can't calculate for myself if it'll work I will probably just post the drawing and ask you guys :)
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Eagle will do it for you....Draw up your schematic, then go to pcb editor, layout the parts and get it to autoroute....

Depending on how complex the circuit is depends on how many iterations are needed to get it right...

Go read..:)


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I have to agree with Chippie regarding Eagle.

The #1 thing I like about it is that it forces the PCB you layout to conform to the schematic. It can save many hours of checking and debugging. It seems like I am saying this once or twice weekly.

I do not have much use for auto routing.


LTSpice mostly Crocodile Clips, the latter is a bit Mickey Mouse but it's fine for drawing and even simulating very basic circuits.


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hey cool, its got a little pic simulator, looks fun to play with at any rate, their physical and machine sim stuff actually looks kinda fun too.
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