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whant to build a submarine

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Use self vulcanising silcon cream, e.g. Dow Corning aquaria sealant.The end-result silicongum, and if needed can opening.


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:) hai
i had the same idea of building a submarine but had to drop the project because of communication problems with the onboard drive motors(i could not watch where i was going!
now to your problem-
to seal your submarine try to isolate the drive electronics from the drive mechanics.now seal the circuits in air tight containers(you can use rubber tubing)so that only wires pop out of the containers.you dont have to worry about motors,just use good lubricants to prevent damage to them
hpoe this helps you ,let me know if you succed in your project!BYE!


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I was trying to make the hull with fiber glass. A two piece design with a rubber gasget in the middle. Ressed bolts to make tight.


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hehe, I am making a sub right now!!!I have all the stuff and everithing, but the wiring is giving me trouble (This is my last year of high school physics project by the way). Anyways, I haven't tries to make it wireless because I have a webcam inside and its hopeless to send so much data underwater (I havent really looked into it, for now I have more than enough on my plate) so for now it tethered
The physical design is basically a pvc pipe. Its split into four unequal chambers: the front with the camera, then an air chamber than a main chamber and another air chamber. The main chamber has the pvc pipe cut along so I can open it. I am making a L-shaped thing to stay along the cut. There is gonna be a rubber strip and its gonna be bolted together. Four aquarium pumps are pumping air in and air out of the chambers...
Anyways, look for pc-controlled underwater robot topic in this forum. Thats where I asked my questions. hope that helps

With a webcam you can see where you are going if you are willing to risk it. Only problem is the short usb cable. I control my robot trhough the serial port to the OOPic, but its ll in the development stage. nice that i have the school budget :)


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I'm not really certain if this would be off the topic or not, but I had this for an idea. For use on the hull, what are the cons to using 2-3 sheets of galvanized sheet metal seperated by the silicon foam or a rubber gasket?



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Some subjects will allways overlap with those of another forum/group it is the nature of electronics , it gets everywhwere these days.

As for you proposed method of hull construction , it's a bit vauge can you be more specific ?
The best solution to a submersible construction is to have no moving parts penetrate the hull, its not as difficult as you would think!

"Aboard a submarine there is no such thing as a minor accident"
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