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wave machine controller help! :(

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hi guys

probably a simple question for some, but not me :eek:

i am building an Aquarium wave machine - i have a pump which i need to control and the wave action is done :D

the pump transformer has a din 5 fitting - one wire is positive, one is negative one is control

i just hooked a 555 astable to the control and that's done - when output is hight the pump is on

BUT! i am now trying to add a feeder function where i have a monostable that turns the pump off for 5 mins or so while i feed my fish then the pump starts again

now the part i am struggling on is hooking it up to the control pin - i think i need it wired so that the astable turns off when the monostable is triggered

i have managed to do it the other way round where the astable is off unless the monostable is triggered by powering the astable from the output of the monostable but thats no use really :( - so how do i make it do the opposite?

if anyone could help me out that would be great

thanks alot



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Use the monostable to keep the astable in reset condition until the mono times out.

Here is a circuit disabling the pump for 300 seconds (5 minutes). Pump interval is set to 0.5Hz.



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