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Warning on uploading doc and docx files

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I see many people on this forum prefers to use winword when they are uploading a picture. Personally I doesn't have winword installed on my computer, and I guess many other doesn't have it. However I have OpenOffica and can therefore read those files.
I prefer people using PNG og GIF for uploading schematics (jpg is ok if hand drawing is scanned or taken picture with cell phone).

So how about giive uploaders a message that its better to use PNG for chematics because not all users have msword installed on their computer.



It annoys me too.

Personally I'd like to see the Word document format removed altogether because there should be no need for it. If you want to post a text document then you should use a standard format such as HTML or PDF, not a proprietary format such as Word.

Birdman Adam

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Whenever I upload a document, its always use just TXT, TRF, or PDF.
Whenever I upload a picture its always JPG or GIF.

Does that annoy anyone or should I be using different formats?


Nothing wrong with that.

The only thing you need to beware of is that the GIF format is limited to 8-bit colour depth which will badly degrade photographs unless an optimised palliate is used with proper dithering and even then the quality will be poor compared to a JPG at 80% quality.


GIF is fine but PNG with the same content will generally be smaller. The exception is that some image editing programs always same PNGs in 24-bit colour mode so the file ends up taking more space.

8-bit is fine for schematics and 1-bit can be used if it's just a plane monochrome line drawing.
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