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Frustration on wiped-off text...


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Typing an extensive, carefully worded response to a member on private conversation for a subject that requieres precise expressions and care, found all wiped off and the message that "there is a limit of 1000 characters" when submitted.

Exhausted good effort, time and best intentions to explain and respond properly to a member to find out that the 1000 characters limit is not warned before composing AND is not recoverable after the board mechanisms erase it from the planet with no way to go back, save and perhaps split in sections.

Am left with zero adrenaline to do it all over improvising over the initial message, much harder when english is not my first language. And improvising was not the intended response, but a thoughtful one.

This is a serious flaw in the forum software, actually offensive to a user. :mad: :eek: :banghead: :arghh:


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I feel your pain, a similar thing has happened to me a couple of times in the past.

These days, if I end up typing something which is turning into a saga, I cut and paste it into something like Notepad and save it as a local file on my PC.
Thus creating a running back-up.


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