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Wanted: Old/un needed PLC to practice on

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I would like a PLC to practice IEC 61131-3 languages on. Structured text, FBD, ladder ect. Preferably one with some form of industrial ethernet; profibus, ethercat, twincat, ect. FPGA or embedded PC not needed but of course a nice bonus. If you have one with two network ports, or for that matter two PLCs that would be even better since it would really help with making sure communications are working.

I figure this is the kind of thing where though it costs possibly thousands of dollars when you need a new specific one for a job, someone may have one that they've replaced or moved on from that they could stand to get rid of. Especially since it doesn't have to be all that new or fast. I just need one current enough that the languages aren't out of date.

Let me know if you have anything. I'm willing to pay over $100 depending on what it is. Though cheap is good. I'm in Washington state in the USA.


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Have you searched ebay? You may not find much for $100, many also need $$ for the software and some have a proprietary programming cord that adds to the cost.
My favorite is Mitsubishi, of which I made the PC programming cord, it should be out there on the web.
If you just want to learn the language, there is the Smart Relays by a few manuf.


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These would cost a little more than $100 but well worth the extra:



Or, if you don't mind buying from Hong Kong, you can get the clone of the 224XP which has dual ports and analog I/O in addition to digital

The S7-200 series are incredibly powerful for the size and cost. They can also be programmed in multiple languages - eg. ladder, statement list and at least one other, FBD I believe (I always use statement list, which is like assembly language for the PLC).

(No ethernet for that price, but you can network them via profibus).
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I was thinking the same as ChrisP58. I have used the CLICK devices and they're great for learning and very cheap. Not sure if they have all the networking stuff you want, but they're a great place to start. Software is free, too.
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