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Voice scrambler or encryption

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by firosiro, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. firosiro

    firosiro New Member

    Aug 20, 2017
    Snow came softly for your Colorado high country. The storm are actually creating inside the peaks once we had pitched camp the very best evening. Now, the start light was filtering in through snow clinging for your tent walls.

    Without departing heat of his mummy sleeping bag, Patrick Cruz thrilled the little wood stove. I put water within the canteen I'd stored within the feet of my sleeping bag (to keep it from freezing). A few momemts later, i had been enjoying fresh coffee and granola bars--breakfast during sexual activity. After we finished, the tent was warm therefore we leaped from your bags to brighten in comfort.

    The storm had blown past, departing 18 inches of fluff covering yesterday's bare ground. Paradise is a great blue, windless, when using the temperature hovering inside the low 20s once we left to look buy a sleeping bag. Trying to cover more ground, we headed in several directions. This search was serious. Without meat, tonight's dinner is a pretty harsh affair of vegetarian dishes.

    Conditions were perfect. The snow muffled my actions and clearly proven the tracks of each and every creature ongoing to move forward that sunny morning. Rodents, red squirrels and elk had all been up adding to since the snow had fallen.

    I'd gone within the mile transporting out somewhat brook, once i found the tracks I used to be searching for. Huge inside the soft snow and undeniably fresh, the prints came toward a brighten thicket within the small flat inside the otherwise vertical landscape.


    I broke the understanding inside my Thompson/Center Contender enough to uncover the gleam of brass inside the chamber. Then I checked the firing pin selector to make sure it absolutely was subsequently off rimfire and also on centerfire. I didn't want any foolish errors to produce me back supper.

    Everything set, I eased along, eyes probing ahead, every so often using my extended distance scopes to choose apart the comb screen. Suddenly, I caught the flicker within the black ear tip inside the thicket. The ear was swiveling like radar, the particular worried about any appear or movement. Then I saw the attention, large and black, searching straight at me.

    After I thumbed back the hammer and elevated the Contender, my quarry burst inside the hiding place. Damn, I believed, I preferred a sitting shot. Pivoting within the waist to swing when using the moving target, I arranged the iron sights and touched the trigger since the snowshoe hopped through getting a dent or dimple or dimple or dimple or dimple or dimple or dimple or dimple. No. 5 shot inside the three-inch .410 load caught the fleeing hare in midbound. Supper tumbled for the snow and lay still.

    For reasons unknown, I understood Patrick had heard the shot and understood I'd scored. I understood he was smiling, too. Hare fajitas tonight!

    For most people, small-game hunting is a lot more a task greater than a pastime. It's something you need to do your geographical area, inside your spare time.

    Nevertheless the snowshoe hare isn't ordinary small game. It resides in a number of likely probably most likely probably most likely probably most likely probably most likely probably the most rugged and lots of isolated--and delightful--countryside in the world. Within the civilized world, the snowshoe shares its habitat with elk, mule deer and mountain lions. Inside the East, you'll frequently know about snowshoe inside the same spots you'd pick a big whitetail buck or even black bear. I traveled 2,000 miles to look snowshoe hares inside the Colorado Rockies. Together with adventure shown up in this area as if the majority of the best big-game hunts I've taken.

    Both Patrick i are experienced winter mountaineers and backpackers, and then we was missing qualms about likely to the top level level level country inside the finish of September with snow inside the forecast. Besides, we'd topnotch equipment that people understood we could depend on. We'd plenty of carb-laden food to remain going. But no meat. Nature provides that, or we'd go without.

    For firearms, we each transported T/C Contender handguns. Because this was September and marmots ongoing to get as out, Patrick transported a scoped .357 Magnum barrel, they may load with whether hollowpoint bullet for marmots or even go load for hares. I'd b .45/.410 barrel for hares, plus a .223 Remington barrel acquiring a 4X scope for marmots. Any marmot that individuals saw within 100 yards reaches deep trouble, and people that individuals saw within 200 yards had every to stress. Marmots, like Eastern woodchucks, are perfect eating.
    We'd unlikely to make use of whatever game inside the walk-in, therefore we didn't. Even though we'd selected over begin hunting after creating camp, we have can be a late start and were eventually caught by darkness plus a heavy drizzle as we ongoing to get as some miles missing where we seriously considered. We'd no choice but to merely pitch camp inside the greater level place we found.

    Every single day, we did some serious hunting, with little luck. We are able to not seem to uncover any hares, together with one marmot that people did encounter dove into its hole before we're able to obtain a shot. Fortunately, somewhat beaver pond within the lower field was full of beautiful 10-inch brook trout, i simply happened to obtain a four-piece flyfishing fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing fishing rod inside my pack plus a fishing license inside my pocket. We laid inside the twomeal protein supply before moving camp acquiring a better hunting area.

    That night it snowed, ending our marmot hunting, but enabling us to consider the snowshoes. Because the hares hadn't yet altered to winter white-colored-colored-colored-colored-colored-colored-colored-colored-colored-colored, they were not so difficult to put. Possibly because of this the snowshoe described initially within the storyline am quick to secure.

    Later that morning, hunting back toward camp, I heard Patrick's .357 crack, determined understand him analyzing hare tracks together with pattern created by his shot load inside the snow. "I'd the crosshairs on him once i shot," he stated, "together with pattern is suitable inside the track, however avoid whatever symbol of effective.In .

    We made the decision to utilize a vintage hare hunting tactic. Patrick would live there where he'd leaped the snowshoe. I'd make track. Essentially couldn't get yourself a shot, the hare would most likely circle back near Patrick. Snowshoes usually run in circles, obtaining a fast-moving hound pushing them, individuals circles can be very large indeed plus size sleeping bag. Though painstaking-moving hunter poking along there, they'll rarely leave familiar ground, rarely circling more than a sum of hundred yards. The primary one exception by using this circling rule occurs while using the late-winter mating season, when buck hares will visit date essential to obtain the organization of stay-at-home does. Jump money who's inside the prowl, and he'll likely mind straight for home, which may be miles away.

    However, it had been September, too early for mating season, therefore we determined our tactic would put this hare who're holding cards. I'd adopted the tracks no more than 75 yards after they disappeared within the heavy brighten thicket. Circling the thicket, I happened upon no tracks released. I referred to as Patrick over, and hubby stationed themselves within the opening where he could cover the exit once i crawled for the thicket inside the track. Inside, I happened upon the hare, dead. Patrick's shot had connected. Much like big game, it's good to look at-up every shot on hares, if you do not find symbol of effective.

    For many more days, since the early snow melted inside the strong mountain sunshine, Patrick i roamed the most effective country. Our primary goal was shooting enough hares for that pot every day. Everybody other time we spent exploring, following elk and mule deer tracks only to see where they went, throughly enjoying before extended the most effective hillsides. It had been hunting at its best, all fun, no pressure. It absolutely was during our shirt-sleeve nights inside the tent when using the warm wood stove that people made plans for the next hare hunting adventure.

    Now, it absolutely was Patrick who elevated to accomplish up a part of me inside my home territory, the Hillsides of northern Nh. Around were buddies Jim Henry and Bob Bruce.

    Additionally to hunting hares for that pot, we'd have loved to inside the quantity of of several coyotes that have invaded northern Nh lately. I used to be transporting the identical two barrels within my Contender, the .410 for hares, the .223 for coyotes. Patrick introduced along b .221 Fire Ball barrel (the business ignore manufacturers) getting b .22 rimfire insert for his Contender, giving him numerous shooting hares or coyotes employing the same barrel. Jim had traded his Contender a few a couple of days prior to the trip (a mistake he's since fixed), so he introduced along a Kimber .22 Hornet capped acquiring a great variable scope. Bob wasn't uncovered to hunting before and furthermore it had been along becoming an unarmed observer. Ordinary people will have to keep working harder to keep the pot filled with meat.

    In Nh in February, the snow ought to be to the eyeballs within the tall man. We'd less this year, but Patrick and Bob introduced along mountaineering skis and 2 expedition sleds for transporting a lot of the gear. Jim we used aluminum-presented snowshoes and transported packs.


    It absolutely was late mid-overnight we proven up at our campground, a sum field inside the shore inside the now-frozen Ammonoosuc River. A extended way away was Pond of Safety, where a company of Rodger's Rangers had spent the winter months several days a couple of days a couple of days a couple of days following their famous raid inside the St. Francis Indian villages of Canada. This really is frequently frequently frequently country that's created for adventure.

    Since I have understood the location best, another three volunteered to pitch camp once i searched for a couple of snowshoes for supper. Given that they setup the tent, collected logs and began melting snow for water, I loaded my Contender and needed for that forest.

    With darkness settling fast, I'm not able to go to far, well, i chose to lessen a circle about 100 yards outdoors the clearing edge. Approaching a downed tree, I caught a flicker of movement, and furthermore it had been ready when the hare bounded immediately. Since the sights aligned inside the snowshoe's bobbing tail, I touched the trigger, together with hare folded by permitting an finish.

    Regrettably, I'm not able to discover another snowshoe before the extended mountain twilight switched into full dark. Another hare wouldn't feed four hungry hikers. And then we needed to just accept a massive kettle of bear chili I'd packed in. For the following a couple of days, we resided a existence many people only imagine. We'd awake cozy and warm inside the daybreak of beginning. For people who've never rested inside the warm mummy sleeping bag within the thick insulating pad on top of snow, you don't determine what comfort is. The snow along with your pad progressively conforms for your outline within you, offering a custom-molded accomodate support your weary bones.

    Once fully awake, we'd switch on the wood stove, make coffee or tea and hot cereal. Then we'd dress and spend our days wandering the woodlands, individually or perhaps company. Lunch might be transported inside the daypack, or we'd return to camp.

    Chickadees, red squirrels, blue jays and grouse (the summer time time time time time time time time season was closed, regrettably) stored us company during the day. Really the only man-made sounds we heard were from jets passing high overhead, or every so often, the far-away whine within the logging skidder.

    Also, every so often the forest would echo when using the "Pop!" of Patrick's .22, the "Bang!" of Jim's Hornet, or even the "Boom!" of my .410 inside our midst would pot a hare. When using the shotgun, I'd somewhat advantage, nevertheless another guys discovered that in situation your hare leaped, it frequently stopped inside the amount of yards before running in serious. The hawkeyes I used to be hunting with did not uncover it plenty of recognizing these sitting hares and taking these stylishly placed mind shots, spoiling no meat whatsoever.

    Our very best tactic was one which hare hunters helpful for any extended time. Found in pairs, one person would undertake likely cover because the other would stand still. After 50 yards how to choose sleeping bags, the mover would stop together with stander would move. Hares leaped when using the moving hunter would frequently circle past the stander.

    It snowed somewhat every night within our stay, giving us an entirely new tracking snow each day. For reasons unknown, the hare hunting stored us so preoccupied that people never really found time to search coyotes, though we could hear them howling when asleep inside the ridges above our camp. Personally the Rangers at Pond of Safety heard baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby wolves howling by themselves winter stay in the area. Maybe we simply felt plenty of kinship together with your other hunters of hares to supply them any risk.

    As with all other search inside the beauty and solitude inside the hillsides, that ended too quickly. You aren't getting frustrated with small-game hunting whenever your quarry could be the snowshoe hare. Along with extended nights when using the warmth inside the wood stove inside the tent encircled by snow covered forest, we made plans to make it happen again. When snow covers the most effective country, we'll strap on skis or snowshoes and be off on another hare hunting adventure.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
  2. dr pepper

    dr pepper Well-Known Member Most Helpful Member

    Oct 6, 2008
    North west UK
    I cannt find any reference to that chip so I dont know exactly what your trying to do or how secure you need this.
    I built something similar to one of these a while back, it destroys legibility however some scanners & radios nowadays have a built in decoder for this kind of thing.
    Obviously you'd need to interface it with the 'phone line, which is probably illegal.

  3. ci139

    ci139 Active Member

    Apr 12, 2012
  4. dave

    Dave New Member

    Jan 12, 1997

  5. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member Most Helpful Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    Cleveland, Ohio USA

    You may want to start with telephone encryption methods. Some of the simple early encryption involved digitizing and then inverting the audio.

    Check out this Wiki...
    A secure telephone is a telephone that provides voice security in the form of end-to-end encryption for the telephone call, and in some cases also the mutual authentication of the call parties, protecting them against a man-in-the-middle attack. Concerns about massive growth of telephone tapping incidents led to growing demand for secure telephones.

    The link mentions Clipper, now officially discontinued, but still available on SourceForge. You may want to see what that is all about.


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