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Video Amp Circuit Modification

Les Jones

Well-Known Member
By adding the capacitors you will have lost the DC component of the video signal. It may work with some video equipment if it's input circuit incudes DC restoration.


Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
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Also the capacitors are really too small - and probably not needed anyway, the input it's feeding 'should' have DC blocking, but AFTER the 75 ohm load resistor, this allows much smaller capacitors.


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If I remove the output capacitors & by mistake if I short circuit the output to ground will it damage the transistor?


Active Member
No, there's a 75 ohm resistor which limits the current, and in normal use theres two 75 ohms (150 ohms) in series to ground anyway.
In my circuit when shorted 5V/75R=66mA current will flow through the transistor.....!!!

Do I need another 75 Resistor ?


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if you were to use 2N3904/3906 transistors here, the max Ic would be 200mA, so short circuits at the output wouldn't be a problem.

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