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veriy failed at address 0000h!

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well i have just finished my programming circuit on breadboard.when i was thinking that it was working i loaded a hex code and wanted to program it.well it gives that error at the last period.what is this.(im using ic-prog 1.05a paralel port with a device which is adviced here called "JDM")
The JDM programmer is a serial ported programmer, not parallel.

Most verify errors occur because either the programmer isnt conneted properly or the software is correctly set up.

If you look at the Ic-Prog software page, for the various programmers that it will interface with, there are details of settings there.......

Any further probs come back..... 8)
well made it with a paralel port.the scheme is as you said the"JDM" programer but i cant understand why is it have to be serial?
Logic levels in a parallel port are around 5v........

The pic needs 5v for read mode and 13v for the mclr pin when in program mode......

To generate the program voltage the, the serial programmer makes use of the voltage levels of the serial port which lie between +12v and -12v.

Most parallel ported programmers have some separate means for deriving the programming voltage, they either use a high dc supply and then reduce it to obtain the 13v or in some more elegant cases use a charge pump ic to generate from the 5v supply

Hope this clarifies things for you......
well i looked at your site.uhad ac circuit callde simple jdm right?so u gave 25pin connections for it but its the same as my my connections are up to paralel,right?
when i made the circuit i used paralel connection(25pins) and selected programmer2 from ic-prog. menu it was ok to veriy,read,and erase but not to program?!
well i have also proplems with my computer.i dont have a 9pins connection.i have ltp1 but using a laptop and found a paralel-serial converter.does it work?how should i describe it in ic-prog. (im using a laptop)
thanx Chippie for all ur interest!
Oh dear, you have fallen into the same trap as everyone else......

The 25 way d type typifies a serial connection not parallel.........I blame Jens Madsen :) as its his

I suggest you wire it as per the drawing schematic znd plug into a 25 w serial port, or else use a 25-9 convertor.

In Ic-Prog, select the hardware as JDM programmer on whichever com port you use( I use com 1) with a dot in the Direct I/O box (not windows API), in the options menu make sure you have the option "verify after programming" ticked.........It should work then if your hardware is ok :wink:
the problem comes from the fact that on the computers(i don't think that on the newer ones too) there are 2 types of seral port, one with 25 pins(wich looks like the paralel port) and another one with 9 pins.
both of them have the same connections. but the 25 pin has a lot of not connected pins.
am confused

yes now iam on an old computer which has serial port.well i linked to the serial male like the one on jdm's could u show which is the pin connection?i am only suspicious about that.i checked everything.and now it says again "veryf failed at 0000h!".Chippie how can it read?it can only read the chip because?
here's 25 way pinouts


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I posted details about the same question **broken link removed**

2nd post up from the bottom
JDM programming on 16F628 and 16F88

I recently purchased a "mini" PIC programmer: catalog #1540 from KIPA USA ELECTRONICS AND HOBBY KITS ( on EBAY. It is a JDM-style programmer and I spent about a week with it with no lunck. There was very little documentation. I keep getting the dreaded :verify failed at 0000h" message.

I started to compare the wiring on it with the JDM2 schematic (**broken link removed**)
I noticed that pins RB5 and RB7 were not connected like they should be. But there was a header on top of the board which would connect the two. I used a standard sized jumper to short out the two header pins and the programmer started working perfectly.

I should mention that I did cut the trace from RB4 to VDD (which is what the JDM2 diagram shows) and instead connected RB4 to RB3 with a short wire. This connects RB4 (which on the "newer" PICS is a low-voltage prgram toggle and the default configuration activates this and interferes with the JDM). This mod pulls the RB4 (a.k.a. PGM) pin on the 16F628 (for example) to the same level as VSS (i.e. ground for the PIC). I now have no problems programming either the 16F628 and 16F88. It only comes with a 18pin socket so it woukd not work with 28 or 40-pin models.

Nevertheless this is a nice little programmer: It is 1/2 the size of a business card and connects to a COM port via a standard DB9 (female) to DB25 (male) cable.

Hope this post might help some fellow hobbyists out there...
I have too make sure that the Comm Port is Set to 15200 under Windows divice settings! (win-98se) Also if I forget to set the Fuses and leave "MCLR" , use a "RC OSC" checked They Verify Faled! But Read back fine"... ( Just 8 pin Pics ).
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