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using the PIC for IR control

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hi all. please pardon a newbie question that i'm sure has been asked a thousand times...i teach a basic electronics class and the kids are big into remote control. we have a class set of picbasic pro compilers/programmers so we use PICs often. i can easily configure a PICF627 to PWM 38 hz and have it be picked up by another PIC across the room using the plain ol' three pin sharp receiver...basic on/off stuff. what i need to know is how to carry more than one code on the 38hz PWM and have it decoded by another PIC. i know that rentron has a simple chip that has 4 channel remote control but this won't work for a classroom...the kids can afford a couple of bucks for a PIC but not the cost of the chips from rentron. i need a way of understanding the method so that the kids will understand (and a way that i will...for that matter) is there a simple bit of picbasic pro code i can plug in like "serout and serin" or something? am i just being confusing? HELP!!
-stu mitchell


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SIRc (Sony) uses timing to encode a code into IR...

For example a startpulse is 2.4mS long, after that the code is transmitted in wich a "1" is 1.2mS long and a "0" is 0.6mS long, and all pulses are seperated by a 0.6mS space

For example the SIRc code 10101 would be...
2.4mS Signal (Start); 0.6mS nothing (space), 1.2 mS Signal (1), 0.6mS nothing (space) and so on.

It can all be done in software with the equipment you already have

Can't help you with basic code, I do all my Pic'ing in assembler

Winpicprog has a tutorial inplementing SIRc using Pic's but it's assembler
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