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Using Bluetooth for a wireless mouse

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In the third year of my studies to become an electronics engineer, I am doing a project with three other students. We are designing and developing an accelerometer-based computer mouse.
We are looking to make it a wireless mouse, and are wondering if and how Bluetooth technology could be used as a means to transfer data from the mouse to the computer.

I learned that we probably need a Bluetooth dongle on the PC/laptop side. They cost a few euros and only measure a few centimeters (1-2 inches).
My problem lies on the other side, more precisely we would like to know what component(s) do we need on the mouse side.

What kind of components do I need in the mouse and where can I get them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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Perhaps one of these from TI will work for you.
I took the time to look around in the description and data sheet and to figure out where I can buy it and for how much, and I must say they look very promising.
But I am a bit confused: do you think it will suffice to put one of these in my mouse and then put a dongle in my USB port? Will my computer know the difference with a wired mouse?

Thanks a lot already,
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