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Using ADC inputs on an ATMEGA

Discussion in 'AVR' started by MrMikey83, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. poo

    poo New Member

    Apr 13, 2011
    hi guys....i m doin a project on ..Remote monitoring of Generator using GSM modem Implemented in BTS
    Introduction :
    Often in the base transceiver station(BTS) there is a power failure and a generator is to be turned on to keep the BTS in working condition. Here in our project we monitor the diesel level in the BTS and send the information to the GSM modem. The information is through SMS. Information includes the BTS name and the diesel level. We further would create a virtual personal area network using four GSM modem which will monitor their respective BTS and will send the message to the controller server. Hence an immediate refill of diesel can be called and avoid failure of the system. This will avoid the failure of BTS and will provide caution before the system fails. An effective wireless network can thus be established .
    Objectives :
    1. Design a circuit for measuring the diesel level using float switch.
    2. Interface the float switch to ATMEGA32 based development board.
    3. Code the ATMEGA32 to decode the voltage level sent by the switch.
    4. Further coding for generating appropriate message for transmission.
    5. Interfacing ATMEGA32 to the GSM modem.
    6. GSM modem will push the message to the server.

    Applications :
    1. The system can be efficiently made use in BTS.
    2. The system can be used for remote monitoring of generator diesel level or even for that matter for water tank also.
    Extension :
    This project can be extended for interactive monitoring that is receiving message from sever and processing it and taking the appropriate action.

    can u plzzz help me wit float switch part ??...
  2. mrfunkyjay

    mrfunkyjay New Member

    Mar 26, 2008
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Hello. If you are using ADC0 and it is in Port A.0, then you will read that using read_adc(0);

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