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using a tv remote to control dc motors in a robot

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8) Cool idea. But the problem is in implementing. I have two old tv remotes which are working. I want to use them to control the moving of a robot comprising of dc motors i.e. just to switch on and off for now. Now how do i implement it. What things will i need(ir sensor etc.). :?: I read of something like STAMP in one of the sites. After i have got the things, how do i connect them i.e. the circuit plan. Well please help me out. I searched google but couldnt find anything satisfactory :( . Please help :idea:


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I personally wouldn't use a TV remote, just make the whole unit myself. But that's just me. Take a look at Rentron. They have a lot of stuff for making RF and IR remotes.


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the problem is that each type of remote has it's own deocder circuit that it is found in the tv.
you need the decoder and a ir circuit wich will detect the signal from the remote and aplify it to the decoder. or you could just take it whole from the tv....
it is quite a nasty problem, because you can't find those decoders easyly. and another thing will be to know what type of decoder you need.
it is best to go to a tv repair place and i think that they could help you.
you remind me of a friend that wanted to do the same thing with an airplane and it took about 2 months and a lot of people from that forum to convince him that it will not be possibel(due to low range if IR anfd directionability).
hope i could give you a starting point.


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hi, u might get a better awnser in the PIC forum, thou u might get flamed for mentioning the word STAMP.

The remotes are seriel, and if ur an impoverished student such as myself ur time is cheaper than a remote kit! Some good googling and the brand name of the remote, will eventually yeild information about how it sends data (failing that u can always try and borry an Oscilloscope!).

Basically u would need to feed a IR sensor into the input, there are many TTL IR detectors with all the amplification and such taken care off (saves messing about with an Op-Amp).

I've not used stamp BASIC scince i was in a first year at secondary school, and i didn't like it then! but its not too hard to a simple on - off pin controll with a stamp and a couple of darlington pairs.

Your first port of call should be finding the serial format used by your remotes. Then learning a little stamp basic!
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