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Using a phone headset with a PC ?

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Hi Guys,

I'm in need of a bit of advice, I have access to a load of Plantronics phone headsets with a 2.5mm plug on them, but I want to use them with a PC for network playing games whilst being able to use the microphone on it to communicate with other players.
Can this be done? It only has one 2.5mm Jack and my sound card has 3.5mm outputs and 3.5mm inputs so I somehow need to split the connector into two jacks (one for the speaker and one for mic), and change them to 3.5mm.
The headset is: http://www.plantronics.com/europe_u...ml?productTypeId=cat1210094&prodId=prod440096
I've had a look on maplins website but can't see anything that would do the job.
If anyone can tell me if it can be done, and if I can buy the adaptors / parts needed to do it from : www.maplin.co.uk or somewhere else in the UK I would greatly appreciate it.



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you need to cut the end off you will find 3 wires 1 is common ground for the speaker and mic this you need to extend into 2 wires and the other two wires use a multimeter to determine speaker and mic and attach your 3.5mm plugs to them and use heat shrink to finish off to make it neat.
cheers, Ross
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