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Useful USB to SATA


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I had a laptop given as a Christmas gift , machine not anything special ( as hinted ), a refurb HP elitebook, but 'giver' did not realise it had no DvD drive... not a problem but possibly a annoyance in the future. solved with an Anker USB3 to SATA adapter. ( or USB2) , cable will connect to 'internal' drive externally. ( power plug supplied for 3.5 drives ) put a 2.5 HD on it , and device recognised and files listed. great . connected Dvd .. Uh device error. No way would it report any files. To cut my tale short, contacted Anker support / after sales. they sent me a replacement pronto ! Now dvd drive working OK . Would that all companies were so on the ball with their after sales service .10/10.

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