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usb programmer for avr

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hi guyz......i want to make a usb based programmer for avr tired from pathetic parallel port please let me know if this hardware is correct i donwloaded the hardware from this link

http://khazama.com/project/programmer/ software link
http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/ hardware link

please also let me know will this work with avr studio ???

please find the hardware in the attached file



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I built Usbasp and it worked just fine. You just need to have some means of programming the chip the first time. Works just fine with avrdude.

But if you have a hardware serial port (not usb-rs232 converter) then you can use ponyprog´s SIProg to program your chips. It is just a few components and it works with avrdude as well.
I use a USBtiny, cost me ~£11 or there abouts with a few 328p uCs bundled in, in addition to a 10/6 pin converter. Note that the USBtiny cannot program all AVRs.

Not worth the hassle building in my opinion. I used to build my own programmers, but I do not think it was worth the effort anymore.
Not when you can get a serial programmer for $29 and the Assembly software is free from Atmel!!!

Of course, serial ports are disappearing...
I actually paid £16.99 for the USBtiny with 3 ATMEGA328Ps. That is $27.99.

I use WinAVR, which has been great.


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You can turn an Arduino into ISP programmer.. then you would also have an Arduino at hand.
Just google Arduino ISP

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