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USB(pen drive) interface with PIC18F4550 for data storage like ADC values


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Dear all..
please help me for doing the USB interface with PIC18F4550 micro controller ..
i read the Data sheet and corresponding register set ...
but in that, they are not given the step by step programming sequence ...
i searched in google but can't programming in step wise...
every one using the USB library..
Earlier i done the ADC and timer programmer as per the given data sheet registers..
please help to do this ..how to start communication and send the data and stop communication like wise..
i am also confused with USB HID . USB CDC ...

PLEASE guide me how to do this project ..
i am using mikroC PRO for PIC complier..
if any one have sample project please share mee.


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The 18F4550 cannot act as a USB host. You need a chip that can do USB OTG (on the go) in order to act as a host.


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