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USB GPS mouse data --> UART

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I want to get the data of a GPS USB mouse into an Atmega16, to realize that I am using a VDIP1 USB Module (Vinculum - Binding USB Technologies), which should convert the USB data stream into the UART format. But unfortunately it doesn’t work.
If I supply the VDIP1 (which uses a VNC1L chip btw.) with voltage I can see the level on the scope rising but nothing more happens.
I have no idea why this doesn’t work. As GPS mouse I tried a Navilock NL-302U and an Ublox Antaris 4, but none of them works.

Could there be a problem with the firmware or the USB interface? Unfortunately I am not very familiar with these things so I would be very thankful if anybody could help me.
Thanks a lot.

Not open for further replies.

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