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urgent request to Nigel Goodwin

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hi Nigel,

Iam the one how asked u about using the RS232 with the RF modules before
and u told tol that it won't work and told me to have a look on ur tutorials

I had a look on ur tutorials but iI had a problem at first to understand that routine as it was totally new to me, so I looked at the manchester encoding document from microchip, here is the link

TB045 - KEELOQ® Manchester Encoding Receive Routines - Application Notes - Details

any way I tried this routine on Proteus and it worked very very well but when we come to real practice it doesnot go well at all, it sometimes pick up the code and many times no, so I came back to ur tutorials trying to figure out how ur routines work and I managed to do it then I tried them on the Proteus they worked very very fine too but they worked on the PICs and the module very very well too, every press on the button gives makes the led on or off the receiver doesnot miss a transmition at all.

so I want u if u have some free time to have a quick look on that pdf from Microchip and tell mee why is ur code seems to be more stable and applicable in real life from that one, and also in ur 12.3 tutorial I would like ur to give me a bit more explanation to the usage of IF_SHORT flag and FIRST_HALF flag.

as I thought that IF_SHORT flag is used to tell the value of recevied bit,
and the FIRST_HALF flag is used for indicaton the transition from high to low or from low to high

I hope u can answer soon, and many many many thanks in advance

Nigel Goodwin

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As my tutorial says, the code isn't mine, it gives a link to the original source for it.

Transmitting Manchester is very simple, receiving it correctly isn't, and the routines are difficult to understand - so I never bothered getting that deeply involved.
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