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urgent hep needed

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Hello to all the members of this forum,
as i was searching for my datahseet IC i found this forum but iam unable to find direct search datasheets so please check my following chips and if any one can tell me where to get its datasheets i will be thankful...

1. CSC9270DGP

2. ATMEL120

3) DLT8816 ( its not MT8816)

4) PS2501-2

5) 74HC595B1

6) 74HC14N ( Philips)


8) GD74HC153

i hope on this forum there is no limit of asking for datasheet...

thankyou all


A search on google or other search engine wil assist in your quest 8)


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i have tried...

i am a new user of internet but i have tried google.com , altvista.com but no use...
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