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Updating legacy WISMO228 firmware


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Hi guys!

I'm working with some legacy Sierra Wireless' WISMO 228 modules. They currently have a very old firmware version (B11e03gg.WISMO228 030810) and they need to upgrade it to the L23a00gg.WISMO228 121211 (still old, but better).

I already have the most recent firmware and the uploader program, but I'm unable to communicate with the WISMO 228 module. According to the manual, in order to upgrade the chip firmware, there's a development board where the module is placed. However, I don't have any support from Sierra nor the aforementioned development board. That would not be an option either, because we cannot unsolder the modules from the boards (we have hundreds of them).

The datasheet mentions that the module has UART capabilities, but I'm unable to find any TX or RX terminals on the pinout.

Please, do you have any experience working with this module?

Attached are some photos for reference

1602871638230.png 1602871804766.png

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