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Unknown Symbol

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That looks like a badly drawn Diac.

Edit, it has 1μ above it which suggests a capacitor.


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The part with the 'ladder' is simply an electrolytic capacitor - i.e. a polarized capacitor. The cross hatching may be indicative of an aluminum electrolytic or tantalum cap, but it really doesn't matter. It's a cap.

The dotted area shows multiple instances of the same circuitry. Your schematic shows 2 tone related touch switches, while the actual product may have many more. It's just a way of not having to draw the same thing over and over again.


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Ah ok, so it is like the Electrolytic (Japan) in the picture below, but just with fewer lines in the middle.

-Also, another quick question when it refers to "touch sensors" does it mean a physical sensor like this-

Or is it just a metallic strip between the two points that just acts as one
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