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Unecessary use of 0201 and 0402 resistors and caps in an offline SMPS circuit

Ive just been presented an 120W offline flyback SMPS from a contractor.
Some of the resistors and capacitors in the signal circuitry of the power supply are unnecessarily using 0201 and 0402 resistors and capacitors. Even though there is plenty of room for these to be 0603. For example, some of the compensation capacitors are 0201 or 0402, etc.
In my experience, 0201 and 0402 resistors and capacitors are more likely to suffer “head on pillow” or “tombstoning”, or dry joint…when compared to 0603 size.
Would you agree with me? This is bad news and they need changing to 0603?


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If the boards are properly inspected during manufacture, what difference does it make?

Do you have any evidence of premature failure in use because of this?
Its much harder to inspect 0201 and 0402 than 0603....also, in fault finding dodgy PCBs , i have always found more tombstoning problems with 0402 and 0201 than 0603. Do you concur?
I dont have evidence of failure, this PCB is not in production yet.

schmitt trigger

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The only sure thing in the electronics industry is the relentless cost reduction and the shrinking of components.

Like you, I personally don’t like those microscopic components because there is absolutely no space for any marks on their bodies, which makes identification extremely hard.

But this is where the market is headed, we can hold out for a while, but eventually we’ll have to learn to work with them.
Or find another way to earn a living.

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