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Ublox Neo7 Gps module timepulse pin is talking instead of pulsing

dr pepper

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As the title says I setup this module to o/p a 1hz pulse on the Led pin which is connected to the timepulse o/p internal to the ublox, but the frequency counter its driving gives odd counts every few times (the rest is Ok).
'scoping the timepule signal shows what looks like data every 10 or so pulses.
I thought this pin was just for pulses not data?


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I only have a Neo6M. I don't think I have a PPS function at all. Nothing has been brought out on the board and my reading of the data sheet shows that the 6T has the Timepulse, so I was curious about what you were talking about.

In this data sheet for the 7 it only lists the Timepulse on the 7N module but not the 7M, yet in the text is says all 7 modules have that. Confusing.

I looked further and saw how this fellow was using it and says "Of course, we can not connect the time pulse output (PPS pin of the GSM module) directly to all kinds of applications. A resistor of 5600 ohm and capacitor of 0,1 uF are added to avoid a short circuit and to eliminate the DC component. "

and this fellow who says "The timepulse is a 3.3 Vp-p output which cannot drive anything below 400-500 ohms impedance. Therefore I added a 74HCT04 driver..."

Does any of that make a difference for you? BTW: I was never too satisfied with the 6M module that I have, it seemed to sometimes take forever to lock even outside. I'm interested in hearing how well yours works.

dr pepper

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Strictly speaking the module does not have a timepulse pin.
To use it you solder a wire to the Led on the board.
Using the timepulse menu in the ublox software you can change the freq, and this does work on this pin.
I found some data on the net about this.
Yes I know I'm using the module other than intended, but others jave done this successfully.

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