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Two way battery charger

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Terrance Ethan

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I have a 2 way radio but no base set to charge the handset. The battery is a 7.2 volt pack. What voltage and amperage AC Adaptor would I need to charge the battery directly. Where the battery fits in the charger it has 4 x contacts + - and 2 in between but when you remove the battery from the handset there are 3 x contact points, + - and S. help with this please...


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Battery is a NiCad, NiMh, LIon, or ???? What is the radio? The user manual might be on-line, and offer some help.

Each has different charging requirements...

Go to BatteryUniversity.com, and read up on the different charging requirements


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it could be Li-Ion but also any other intended for fast charger
? any model producer technology capacity info typed on battery case
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