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TV IR Receiver malfunctioning

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Hey folks!
I have a question about TV's. Specifically the IR circuit. My buddy has a problem with his TV where occassionally, when changing channels with the remote control, the TV will skip to a arbitrary channel, rather than going to the next channel in sequence. We got a "universal" TV remote in order to see if it was the remote that was causing the issue. The problem still occurred using the universal remote control. This leads me to believe that there is something happening with the IR receiver circuit, which is causing a missed pulse. I haven't taken the TV apart yet to check for the usual signs of poor performance, such as signs of overheating near IC components, cold solders, missed grounds, general dirt accumulation etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about troubleshooting this problem?

Thank you very much for your time!


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Maybe this TV have a front control panel. Try channel change on control panel, same things happen?
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