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TV into Computer monitor

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I want to make an electronic project that I feel is really supporting my life. Not just something I see working and not make use of.
I came up with this idea: I wanna make a device that displays the monitor output of my computer on an analog TV (Through normal audio/video connection).
I asked an expert and he told me he didn't make something similar before, but he believes it's a kickass job, since the dot-matrix of a computer monitor is different than that of a TV (simplified)
However, I do know it's possible, otherwise how do VCD players display digital video on analog TV?
Please I need ideas, suggestions and links.


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In the days before computer monitors (yes, I am old) we used analog televisions, usually black and white, as a monitor. Most computers came with the adapter box or they could be purchased at places like Radio Shack. It would seem that someone must have one laying around somewhere or that manufacturers like Texas Instruments (they made my first computer, a TI-99, that used a TV for a monitor) might have a schematic. I cannot tell you if it would work with color.


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