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Tutorial : Automating AVR devices programming

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Well, why not if it works for you. But I think that wirting a simple batch file to control AVRdude might be easier.


Well, i wanted to have a nice visual interface, that is easy to see when something went wrong (big red bold message), and that is easy to change the HEX programming file without having to modify a batch file. I also wanted the serial number in the EEPROM to be automatically generated.. Can you do that with batch file?


The program seems very simple and with nice features for someone in a basic production environment.

Kubeek, have you ever tried to program a batch of chips in a production environment before? Thinking is nice and all, but getting something simple for the machine programmer to use that provides the right information is very different from a knowledgeable user interacting with the system.

A child could probably run ikalogic's software and know when to get someone if something went wrong after only a minute or two of instruction.
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